Ore Monogatari!!.

Tenth-Takeo has received the nature of the face of the ancient samurai mother figure bodybuilder and soul of an innocent child.

Among boys high school Syuey brutal character is one kind of respect, but the girl, only glancing at the "gorilla" automatically switch to his companion, irresistible blond Makoto Sunakavu. Honest and fair Makoto aching soul of a best friend, consistently refuses to attention as narrow-minded ladies, but he has lost faith that peers can appreciate Takeo appreciated.

In the world everything is possible! So now, the guys should inseparable during the cherry blossom help the stranger - and sensitive Makoto knew immediately that she was not grateful of simple courtesy. Yes, my dear little girl Rinko Yamato fell in love at first sight with his mighty knight, with aboriginal women's wisdom looking for a frightening facade. A poor girl! Not only that, to the two-meter Godot situation reached a very long time, because then he imagined himself as a medieval warrior, dare not even thinking about the "improper" to question the purity of his lady's heart. Nothing a thousand years ago, with cope - will cope now!
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